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New Managing Editor for Etruscan Press

June 26, 2013



Etruscan Press is delighted to announce that Dr. Jaclyn Fowler has agreed to accept the position of Managing Editor of Etruscan Press. Jackie received her M.F.A. and M.A. from Wilkes University’s Creative Writing program.

Prior to coming to Etruscan Press, Dr. Fowler taught English, Creative Writing, and Education to K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and adult learners in both the traditional ground and asynchronous online classrooms. She also served several independent schools as head of their academic programs and sits on the PA State Board of Private Schools.

Dr. Fowler received her doctorate in Education and Second Language Acquisition from The Pennsylvania State University.

Hippocampus Magazine seeks editors & readers

June 19, 2013


Hippocampus Magazine, founded by Wilkes alum Donna Talarico, is looking for a few additional volunteer readers and copy editors to join their staff. These are unpaid volunteer positions, but the experience is great for resumes! Reading submissions is a fantastic way to improve your own writing, while also helping shape future issues of a thriving creative nonfiction magazine.

Visit Hippocampus Magazine online for more details and contact Donna Talarico if you are interested in volunteering.



Novel Debut from alum Lauren Catron

June 12, 2013
Lauren Catron

Lauren Catron

Wilkes alum Lauren Catron has been busy since graduating with her MA in Creative Writing. With the launch of her debut novel this summer, Catron has been putting her effort into finessing her website—and writing a sequel.

Changeling Eyes is the first book in the series. “In a way, The Aesir Chronicles are an alternate history of earth,” Catron says, “one that explains why we have legends of unicorns, fairies, Elves, trolls, dragons and many more. It is also a place if you will, where science, magic, and religion are all part of a whole rather than each excluding the other, as we always seem to think they must.”

The first book introduces Lrill and her struggle with her powerful heritage, and the revelation that there is a core of truth at the center of every legend. “I plan for the series to span from the creation of the world to its destruction and rebirth,” says Catron. “And since I’ve chosen to make this an alternate history of earth, I have every myth from every culture to play with—sort of like what Jim Butcher does in the Dresden Files. So you can anticipate cultural crossovers.”

Changeling Eyes is scheduled for a summer debut with Booktrope Publishing. Catron says she admires their publishing model that relies on a solid team to work toward the success of the book. The author, editor, proofreader, cover designer, and book manager all work together to ensure the best for the book. “This also gives the author a great deal of input into their cover design,” Catron says “The author can also commission work from a designer who does not work for Booktrope, and Booktrope will usually find a way to accommodate this choice.”

While Catron is focused on the pre-publication of Changeling Eyes, she is already at work on its sequel. “I also have a few Graphic Novel ideas,” sheCatron Final-Cover says, “though those are a couple years out in my plans. Most of my writing centers around The Aesir Chronicles and I find that whenever I dream up as a standalone novel idea, I can find an excuse to tie it back into the main series. Having the entire world’s pool of myth and legend to work out of it makes it easy to tie things together. I have some vampires and a little steampunk, and maybe ninjas.”

Readers will find more news about Changeling Eyes and updates about the series on Lauren Catron’s website,

More help from Visiting Editor Veronica Windholz

June 5, 2013

Residency guest speaker Veronica Windholz has added to On Close Reading, her resource site for writers. The long-time editor first developed the website as a research archive for the workshop she developed and led at the Norman Mailer Colony, but she has since added information that all writers can access and apply to their creative toolboxes.

On Close Reading includes resources and guidance in the areas of composition, revision, and storytelling. The Editing Clinic includes lessons on Composition, Revision, and Storytelling.

In addition to editing resources, Windholz has added a selection of video clips from her most recent visit to the Wilkes University creative writing program. Graduating MAs will have the opportunity to interact with the editor at the upcoming summer residency.

In August 2013, Veronica Windholz will celebrate forty years of editing top-selling fiction and nonfiction for the major New York publishers.