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Lessons in Memoir from the PWC

September 20, 2016

Vicki Mayk defines truthiness.

By Aurora Bonner

The Pennsylvania Writers Conference was intimate and encouraging, with sessions that were short and intense, but not overwhelming. Facilitators made time for questions and encouraged interaction and individualized feedback.

I write creative nonfiction, so I found myself in all of the nonfiction sessions, listening to the bang-up lineup of Sam Chiarelli (M.F.A. ’16), Vicki Mayk (M.F.A. ’13), and faculty members Laurie Jean Cannady and Kaylie Jones. I already admired Cannady (Crave) and Jones (Lies My Mother Never Told Me) from other speaking engagements. Chiarelli and Mayk would soon become my newest nonfiction heroes. (more…)