More Blogging Coming! Meantime, LINKS!


Hi all!  I’ve just returned from the Norman Mailer conference in Sarasota, Florida.  While I wait for my tan to fade, I’m assembling the new blog, which will include photos, comments, and yes, VIDEOS of the experience (including footage from the Wilkes University Reader’s Theatre – A conference favorite)!

In the meantime, I invite you to send some e-love the way of my colleagues and compatriots.  I’ve added links to their blogs and websites (it’s all on the right!), some of my recent favorites include Wilkes CW Program Alums Joe Cetta (Knowingly Undersold) and Donna Talarico (a freelancer and social media hummingbird), and Lori May‘s regular interviews and writing news!

Oh, and if you’re looking to pluck out a critical eye for horror films, may I recommend William Weird??!  He’s a former student of mine and his blog is smart, funny, gory, and everything else you are not!  Seriously, check it out … if you’ve got the stomach for it.

See you real soon.

3 Responses to “More Blogging Coming! Meantime, LINKS!”

  1. Gale Says:

    Hi, Matt! Can you add my new writing blog to your link list, and I’ll add you to mine. It’s called Scrivengale and here’s the link. and thanks for linking Operatoonity!

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