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accents publishing

Accents Publishing is currently offering manuscript evaluation services.

For a limited amount of time, for a limited number of manuscripts, they are providing interested poets with feedback on their work-in-progress.

After the author submits a manuscript for evaluation, the senior editor of Accents Publishing (Katerina Stoykova-Klemer) and another reader affiliated with the press will read the manuscript and provide an evaluation, covering the following points:

  • How well does the manuscript work as a whole?
  • Are the poems ordered in the best possible way?
  • Does it have a good title? How does the title work/interact with the manuscript?
  • Does it read well as a book? If not, what is missing?
  • Are there any poems that do not serve the manuscript or are not as effective as the rest?
  • What else should the poet do before he/she starts sending the manuscript out for publication?
  • Comments on competitiveness of the manuscript in the current market.
  • Anything else that may helpful to the author.

Cost is $100 for a chapbook-length manuscript and $150 for a full-length manuscript. A limited number of manuscripts will be evaluated on a first-come first-served basis.

etceteras_mistress_frontcover_medIf interested, write to accents.publishing@gmail.com. Please note that you are not submitting a manuscript for consideration for publication by Accents. Rather, this service is an opportunity to receive a professional opinion on the quality and marketability of the manuscript.

The Wilkes writing community will recognize Accents Publishing, as they recently published advisory board member Thom Ward’s full-length collection, Etcetera’s Mistress.

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