Cohort to Cohort: Thesis Wisdom


With the January residency just around the corner, what better way to prepare for the master thesis term than hearing what those in the heat of things have to say? A sampling of students currently wrapping up the CW 520 course, Master Project Semester, have shared a few words of wisdom for the next cohort….

This is coming from an unorganized person, but organization is the key in the thesis semester. It’s a very hands-off term regarding mentors, so get out your calendar during residency and map out a specific plan of action. Mark your goals, i.e. reaching X amount of words or trying a new character, then note when you realistically plan to reach each goal and when to discuss them. That said, it is a creative project, so try to keep some elasticity in your plan. – Kait Burrier


Don’t procrastinate! – Heather Lowery


Write through it. Even when you think it’s not coming together, write through it! – Laura Duda


Plan ahead and carve time to revise and edit once the project is completed. This requires a lot of organization indeed. – Edith Trenou-Dackey


Start work before the semester officially begins so you aren’t rushing at the deadline. – Ashley Supinski


As with any endeavor, what you put in is exactly what you’ll get out. – Pauline Hill Threlkeld


Thanks to the current 520 group. Best wishes for those starting the intensive term ahead!

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