A Night at the Movies


It’s the middle of July. It’s hot. You’ve dipped in the pool. You’ve sat in the shade. You’re one iced tea past your taste bud tolerance and it’s time to get back to writing. But, it’s so darn hot. Perhaps you’re feeling defeated and deflated, that it’s just too hot to do anything, even write. Your motivation needs some cooling fuel, some air conditioning for the creative mind. Maybe, just maybe… it’s time to watch a few movies about writers/writing so you can get back to your own creative cave.  

Here, in random order, are 25 funny and/or moving and/or depressing and/or light-hearted flicks about this creative vice we share. Cool off with a cold one, put the feet up, and enjoy a summer night (or afternoon or morning) with some potentially inspiring (or self-affirming) movies. 

Wonder Boys


Barton Fink 

Sunset Boulevard 



Naked Lunch



Finding Forrester

The Squid and the Whale

Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle


The Hours

Miss Potter

Becoming Jane




Shakespeare in Love

Almost Famous

Deconstructing Harry 

Harriet the Spy

In Love and War

Secret Window



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