News for QUIET COWBOY and the New Year!


Dear readers/writers/artists/appreciators/etc:
As 2010 draws to a close, I’ve been running the gauntlet that is theatre-life.  With the new year comes new experiences – in my case the premiere of Quiet Cowboy at the Mellow in Scranton, and all of the attention surrounding it, has taken up most of my time.  I have a nice behind-the-scenes and technical theatre post to release shortly, so stay tuned for that (it’s always fun to see the theatre “magic” happen, but it’s even more fun to be a part of the very team of conjurers that can change an evening for an audience, and possibly more).

Sean McKeown spins his nickel-plated guns and, with the help of some theatre-magic, encounters the nameless cowboy who gets him through the tough times (Photo: A. Grega)

With that said, here are a few of the recent articles, mentions, or conversations I’ve been having about the production and what it took to write and work with the script.  I hope you enjoy them.  See you in 2011 – why not make a resolution to contribute to art (of ALL kinds, genres, mediums, etc.) EVEN MORE than you already do?

Anne Rodella (pictured here portraying Young Theresa "Fox Sprinter") thinks you should listen to the interview with Erika Funke (Photo: A. Grega)

 – WVIA FM personality Erika Funke is far more that just another talking head.  Her enthusiasm behind the microphone is infectious and endearing, her support for the Northeast PA arts community is legendary, and to top it all off she mixes in some beautiful music in this tremendous 25 minute interview for her series, entitled ArtScene.  Click one of these links (or on the picture of Anne) to hear the conversation with QC director David Reynolds and myself.  Later, she gave us a tour of the studio and graciously showed us all of the A/V equipment in the WVIA studios – she even showed us a board that was once used on the set of the original American Bandstand!  I couldn’t be more grateful to Erika for her time, energy, and care in putting together an impressive series and making me feel welcome.

– Fellow writer and Wilkes CW Program graduate Amye Archer interviewed me for HER blog, the quite necessary “First Person“.  Her questions were great – she asked me about my childhood antics, the play, and even prodded me about Oprah.  While I don’t appear on the cover of “O” every month, perhaps I’ll have my own magazine someday.  But what to call it?  Anyway, click HERE, and enjoy the Q&A.

Chatting with Dave (Photo: A. Grega)

– And, of course, I would be remiss in my duty to make this post without thanking yet another talented and insightful writer, Alicia Grega, who interviewed David and I before one of our full run-through rehearsals.  The article appeared in the recent issue of Diamond City, Wilkes-Barre’s “What’s happenin’?” rag.  The interview is avaiable online, for all you digi-readers.  Alicia also took a few photos – some of which appear here – and was kind enough to sail them my way for the archives.

That’s all for now folks.  Keep your eyes peeled for a Times Leader article by theatre columnist Mary Therese Biebel, and “watch the ridge” when riding into the frontier of 2011 (and beyond)!

One Response to “News for QUIET COWBOY and the New Year!”

  1. Bill Says:

    Absolutely fantastic, Matt! And your interview with Amye was fabulous. As she mentioned on her blog, your reading of a monologue from “Quiet Cowboy” was stellar. You definitely hit the audience hard and didn’t allow us to breathe. Absolutely brilliant and amazing.

    Best of luck with the play – and all the great stuff that will follow.

    Love and kisses,


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