Just Added! The Marlon James blog is still up!


Hi all!  Check the link to the right (or below) for some truly superb thoughts, links, and interviews on writing/reading/music/and life-in-general.  Marlon James is an author in the trenches of teaching and publishing.  It hasn’t been updated recently, but the archives are bursting at the seams!  (Some favorite pastime entries include “Satan is Real…”, “The Problem with Reading”, and “19 Movie Questions” … I leave you to find them!)  Oh yeah, the fact that his books are powerful and ripe with meaning helps too.  I’ll recommend his novels The Book of Night Women and John Crow’s Devil until they become irrelevant, which they won’t.  Enjoy!


Marlon James: Among Other Things – http://marlon-james.blogspot.com/


2 Responses to “Just Added! The Marlon James blog is still up!”

  1. Bill Says:

    The blank page should never be feared, but embraced as “possibility”. Oftentimes, we need to let the words spill and find the story later, other times we have a plan. No matter. Just don’t bring stress or lack confidence to the blank, but bring passion and determination to create and add your piece to the grand narrative.

  2. October 2010 – The Write Life Says:

    […] Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment » […]

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